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7 Deadliest Dating Mistakes

Did you know that 1 in 4 women will be affected by interpersonal violence sometime in her life? Between 1 and 3 MILLION women in the United States are victims of interpersonal violence every year. On average, three women die each and every day in the U.S. due to domestic violence. The numbers are staggering […]


Are You Frustrated Attracting Men Over 50?

You are already keenly aware that the “laws of attraction” (so to speak) for the 50 plus crowd are drastically different from those that were viable the first time around.   You no longer can (shouldn’t) wear itsy, bitsy skirts or plunging necklines to get his attention, you don’t turn heads the way you used […]

"Mr. Success"

How to Meet a Successful Man

Are you looking for, or hoping to meet a “successful” man but struggling to find him?  What most women refer to when they use the phrase “successful man” as a qualifier is a man’s income or net worth however, I don’t adhere to this narrow definition and will encourage you to think a bit beyond […]

Dating for a Cause

Dating for Charity

Have you tried or heard about dating for charity or dating for a cause?  You may feel that your last date was a “charity” date but that’s not the kind I’m talking about.  This is a great (relatively) new strategy that is a win-win all around.  The idea is to gather together with others to […]

Lonely Woman

Can Loneliness Threaten Your Life?

Loneliness as differentiated from being alone (solitude) can be the result of emotional isolation (lack of romantic partner) or social isolation (lack of meaningful relationships in a wider social network).